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Destiny has played a very important role in my becoming a tattoo artist. To be very honest, it was never my dream. I was stuck in a financially unstable situation where I always wanted to be a choreographer in the cinema industry, but unfortunately could not pursue the same. Then, to earn some money I worked at a BPO for quite some time but never enjoyed what I did. It is said "fortune favours the patient" and that's what happened with me. One fortunate morning I stumbled upon an ad in the newspaper which read: Artists required with basic computer skills. I was extremely thrilled and excited, as drawing and painting have always been my hobby. I have also won second prize in district level drawing competition in the year 2002. So I thought to myself what could be a better job which pays you for something you love to do, and hence I went to the studio with my portfolio, and the rest is history.

I have been tattooing professionally for 5 years and six months. I believe in today's tech savvy world, it is important to be in tune with technology and be artistic at the same time. To grow as an artist, it is very important to be versatile and hence, change is the only constant. From an immature tattoo artist, now my work has developed to be more refined and skilled, and I only hope for it to get better. I believe creativity is the essence of any art form, and inspiration is the key to creativity. It's very important to feel inspired all the time. I gain inspiration from the simplest of things like observing nature, or taking a walk in the garden or just admiring beauty, and try to replicate that beauty in my art work. I love Charcoal art and it's very effective in improving me as a tattoo artist.

Every tattoo that I work on, be it big or small, I try giving it my best, and make it feel like my dream piece. I always tell myself that my best piece is next, so there's constant scope for improving. My first real exposure to tattooing was when I started my apprenticeship under Dr. Raj. I feel i can express myself more freely through tattooing, as opposed to working for a company where you have to live by someone else's rules and standards. But don't get me wrong, I still take my work very seriously and always keep it respectful.

After 3 and a half years of tattooing, I felt I needed to get trained by a master tattoo artist, so I got my drawings and portfolio together, and approached various tattoo shops. However, every shop I solicited, denied me, until i made my way to India's best tattooist and famous celebrity tattoo artist Mr.Sameer Patange, where I started my second apprenticeship. I remind myself every day, that if I keep working hard, it will pay off in the end. He trained me and I picked up lot of tips and I have been able to play around with different styles. I'm happier in my life now, and you can see the reflection of that in my works of art.

I would like to thank my teachers Sameer Patange , Dr. Raj & Ramesh from the bottom of my heart, for being my mentor and shaping me well, not only in tattooing but also in life, and I thank my fellow artists for their contributions.

“Get what you love inked on you, so that when you leave this world, you may have your loved thing with you in the form of art. See you soon folks! As I believe my best is next.”

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