About Kraayonz:

In the present era, the reasons for getting inked are not only limited to aesthetics but can dwell into much deeper lengths. This could include getting a memorial tattoo for a loved one, self-expression, concealing physical insecurities or even embracing them. Our founder, Mr. Sameer Patange has been tattooing since 1998 and personally trains and mentors the team which has enabled us to be the best in the business for over 24 years. Therefore, our multi- talented team understands the many factors that go into creating a design and caters to both aesthetics and its significance for the client. In order to meet the rising demand for tattoos, we have studios in different parts of the country with the headquarters in Mumbai.

At Kraayonz, we welcome everyone who admires the true essence of art and the culture of tattooing. We are formed and guided by Mr. Sameer Patange, who is the pioneer of Indian tattooing and a celebrated international tattooist. Having tattooed at the highest platforms of the global tattoo industry, we have mastered the art of providing the same level of work and service to our clients.

We are the leading team of tattoo artists when it comes to innovation, creativity and keeping up with the current trends. Thus, we are known as the best tattoo studio in Mumbai and throughout India.

What is the Kraayonz experience like?

  • Getting inked by the most professional and qualified team of tattoo artists.
  • Consultations involving an in-depth discussion where we actively listen to your ideas and input.
  • Tattoo machines with the latest technology and world-class vegan tattoo inks
  • Range of pricing to accommodate all our clients.
  • Quality tattoos and thorough feedback ensuring client satisfaction

Visit us at our studios in Mumbai and Pune and get Kraayon-ed!!